Not four years, but for life

Delta Phi Epsilon - Gamma Kappa Chapter at Capital University

Wishing our seniors farewell

What a weekend it has been!

Friday, we had our wonderful Pig Roast with Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity, which was a great success! Many fellow Capital students came out to eat, play corn hole, and mingle - not to mention the sun even came and graciously presented us with a 60 degree day!

Friday evening, we had a fun time at Lazer Kraze with the men of Kappa Sigma Fraternity!  Although there was a tough fight, the Red Team came out victorious throughout the three games.  Maybe next time, Blue Team!

Today, we finished our elections for the 2013 Fall semester, woohoo!  We are so excited to have such a wonderful Team Excellence going into next semester.

We also held our Senior to Alum ritual today, which is bittersweet for all of us.  Today, we had the last woman from the initial eight of the interest group become an alum, as well as other founding members and members of our Alpha through Gamma classes.  Where has the time gone? Although tears were shed, smiles were shining and we could feel the sisterhood. Just as our blog title says, it’s not four years, it’s for life! Not goodbye, but see you again soon. Once you’ve entered into the sisterhood of Delta Phi Epsilon, you will forever be a sister of ours.


To celebrate our seniors, we have a special post from Meghan Hager tonight.  Although Meghan joined our sisterhood this past fall, she has made a huge impact on our organization. So glad you chose to become a sister as a senior, Meghan! Read Meghan’s post below!



I can’t believe this year is coming to a close so quickly already! Though I just joined this past fall, I feel as though I’ve been with D Phi E for a lot longer. I never even imagined my sisters would change my life the way they have. I’ve grown so much as a person thanks to everyone in D Phi E. I wish I would have rushed sooner, but this is the first year that my schedule allowed it. I’m glad I was given a chance to be a part of such an amazing group of women. Just a few short months ago, during big-little reveal, I got my big, who is also graduating with me, and my twin, who has become my best friend. I don’t know what I would do without either of them anymore and I couldn’t be more thankful for every opportunity I’ve been give. I know it’s not four years, it’s for life, but it’s going to be so different when I don’t see these beautiful women in D Phi E every day.


Such a heartfelt post. We love our seniors in every way, wherever they may go!

To finish up today’s post, we have a wonderful video devoted to our senior sisters and senior Deepher Dudes! Check it out with the link below!

Spring Has Sprung!

Happy Easter, everyone!

Spring has (at last!) sprung here in Columbus, OH! Our sisters may be at home or on a sunny beach celebrating Easter break with their families, but we have definitely been feeling the sisterhood! Check out this cute picture our sister Katie Goins posted of the eggs she decorated while at home! 


As for updates from our chapter…

We recently initiated seven new women into our wonderful Gamma Kappa Chapter - beyond exciting! We now proudly stand at 65 women tall on Capital’s campus; crazy to think we were at 8 women just three years ago!

Last weekend, we participated in Relay for Life at Capital. We had a great time and shared moments of laughter and support together as we faced the challenge of cancer and recognized those who have been affected by it. 

Two weekends ago, we had our second annual 65 Roses Gala and what a success it was! Thank you to everyone who supported the Gala in any way and to Becca Schmidt for all of her hard work and dedication she put into it! We raised (drumroll please) $4,450 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation! Again, thank you everyone! We can’t wait for next year!


While speaking of philanthropies, DIMES for DPhiE is currently taking place and we, as a chapter, went all in!  This means $19.17 was donated to D4D for each member of our chapter! That’s at least $1,246.05, plus donations that women gave on top of that! Way to go sisters! It’s all for a great cause!

Coming up, we have quite a busy schedule! On April 5, we have our third annual Pig Roast with Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity on campus, while the following weekend, we have our Formal at Kalahari Indoor Waterpark & Resort! In between, we have some laser tag with Kappa Sigma Fraternity and our Senior to Alum event! Where has the year gone?!

Last, but most certainly not least, we are psyched to announce our new Leadership Team for Fall 2013!

We present (pause for suspense)…


Miss Maddie Fannon - President

Miss Taylor Heier - Vice President of Operations

Miss Sarah Soulsby - Vice President of Programing

Miss Amanda Wizner - Vice President of Recruitment

Miss Brooke Sims - Vice President of Membership Development

Miss Kelli Brownfield - Vice President of Academic Affairs

Miss Emily Hatfield - Member-At-Large

Miss Amity Lantz - Vice President of House Management

Congratulations, again, to these wonderful ladies!


Until our next post, stay safe everyone and have a great break!

DPhiE Engage U: Meet The Bloggers: Kayla



My name is Kayla Meehan and I’m a sophomore at Capital University. I am a double major in Public Relations and Electronic Media and Film. This is my first year as a member of the Gamma Kappa Chapter. My hobbies include bowling, cooking and enjoying time with my sisters!

I hope to gain more…

This is Kayla’s post for EngageU! So proud to have her as a Capital DPhiE sister!

(Source: dphieihq)

Celebrate Sisterhood on a Snowy Saturday

Happy Saturday!

It’s a chilly, snowy one here in Columbus, but our sisterhood is surely heating up! After a busy week of recruitment, we are all taking time to relax and enjoy the love of our sisterhood this weekend.

After reaching 65 women in our sisterhood, we can’t help but look back and think about where our chapter started.  It’s only been a year and 9 months since the day we were chartered as the Gamma Kappa Chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon. After starting off as an interest group of 8 women, and now having a chartered chapter of 65 women with numerous alumnae, we can’t help but be thankful for everyone who has helped us along the way, the opportunities presented to us, and all the encouragement we receive when venturing into new endeavors.

To recognize our sisterhood, we made a video for recruitment and wanted to share it with everyone! View the video on the post below!

Dazzling Deltas

Happy Bid Day!

WOW! What a week. From Tuesday’s BeYOUtiful Princess Party to Wednesday’s Mad Hatter Tea Party to Thursday’s Preference Night, we’ve had a wonderful, fun week!  We are so excited to announce that we have seven new members of our Delta class! What a wonderful week of recruitment it was!

We are psyched to start New Member Education this Sunday and even more pumped to initiate our New Members on March 24 (so what if it’s a ways away?!)! Until then, we will countdown until Ribboning, Pinning, Big/Little reveal, and the 65 Roses Gala!

Speaking of 65… we now have 65 women in the Gamma Kappa Chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon! So many sisters, so much sisterhood!

Watch out! Lots of Deephers on the scene in 2013!

Keep Calm & Hangout with DPhiE

Happy Tuesday!

It’s a warm day here in Columbus and we have Recruitment (and spring!) fever! This post is a little different than majority of our posts, but we want everyone to be informed about our upcoming recruitment events!


Tonight is the first night of our Happily Ever After Disney Informal Recruitment and we are beyond excited! Our event is at 7:00PM in the Capital University Apartments, but we will be meeting in the PO Lobby of the Campus Center at 7, then walking over to the apartments together! We plan on playing board games, eating delicious treats, getting to know you, and having fun! If you are interested in Fraternity and Sorority Life, please feel free to come; we’d love to meet you!

As for the rest of the week… tomorrow, we have our Madhatter Tea Party at 7:00PM in Schneider Multipurpose Room in the first floor of the Campus Center, while Thursday, we have our Preference Night! Mark your calendars!

If you have other obligations going on at the same time of our events, have no fear! Email Maddie Fannon at and let her know; we can surely work something out! Just keep calm, breathe deep, and come hangout with DPhiE!

Also, we have awesome events coming up in support of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation throughout this week and the month of February (not to mention the 65 Roses Gala in March!)! We’ve already sold out of shirts, but no worries, more are on their way! Thanks for everyone’s support; we will let you know when they arrive!

If you have any questions regarding any of our upcoming events, or want to know more about the Gamma Kappa Chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon, feel free to add or message us on Facebook and check out our chapter website (both links are below)!


Chapter website:

Look out for DPhiE in 2013!

Happy New Year! We hope everyone had an amazing 2012 and a fabulous time welcoming in 2013!

Happy 2013

As for us, whew, 2012 was quite a busy, but fantastic, year! From our first annual 65 Roses Gala to initiating our Gamma class, 2012 was a wonderful year of memories for our Gamma Kappa chapter! Tell us, what was one of your favorite memories from 2012? One of our favorite memories would have to be initiating both our Beta and Gamma classes; we are so grateful to have such amazing women join our sisterhood!

Now, it’s 2013 and we (and our blog!) are back, taking the new year head on! What plans do you have for 2013?

We are looking forward to our upcoming recruitment events, second annual Gala, formal, Engage U, and more as 2013 continues! Keep your eyes open for upcoming blog posts, as we introduce our Gamma class, share information about our upcoming events, and more!

Look out world, many great things are coming from the Gamma Kappa chapter! 

Destined for DPHIE

Happy Thursday; the weekend is almost here! We haven’t had too many updates lately, but a couple of exciting things have occurred for our chapter recently!

A few weeks ago, our President, Alli Kulp, and Vice President of Recruitment, Maddie Fannon, went to the National Delta Phi Epsilon Convention in Miami, Florida! They had a blast and learned so much; we are excited to take on everything new they were taught. With that, we are so humbled to announce that we were named the Best Overall New Chapter Award at the convention! Thank you to everyone who has helped our Gamma Kappa chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon get to where it is now. We could not do it without the support of everyone along the way; past, present, and future!

We are also excited to announce that the dates for Fall Formal Recruitment 2012 have been announced! The dates for Recruitment are… (drum roll, please!):

                                                        September 26-29!

We are so excited to gain new sisters early in the fall semester!

As for our testimony for today, we have Marci Shafer! Marci graduated this past May and is now a supporting alumna of Delta Phi Epsilon!



Generally, I do believe that people are brought into our lives for a very specific purpose. However, what that purpose may be is sometimes not revealed until much later…and rarely we find that people we once welcomed start to become not so welcome over time.

Ultimately those unhappy realizations are part of life and inevitable, but the bright side to all of it is that we are able to choose who we want to surround ourselves with. Who helps make you good? Who challenges you? Who acknowledges your shortcomings and loves you anyway? Who makes you appreciate life for the blessing that it really is? Most importantly, who makes you BE something instead of SEEM to be something?

The love I’ve found in Delta Phi Epsilon is remarkable and unparalleled. They are the only women in my life who can compare to the love I brought to college with me four years ago from friends at home. The irony of it all is that I spent my whole life without knowing what DPhiE could be for me, and now that I’ve loved these women for a speedy two years, the thought of life without them is seemingly unbearable. In saying that, I am more and more thankful of the lifetime commitment I made to the values of justice, sisterhood, and love as I continue to embark on post-graduation life… because it does confirm that I will never have to find out.

One of the many beautiful things about sisterhood is the history behind it. We had a history together long before Chartering Day, but that purpose wasn’t meant to be revealed until May 1, 2011. Being part of a 95 year old international organization that encourages women to think and act for the greater good is an opportunity that proves itself time and time again to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I have such faith in Fraternity and Sorority Life at Capital University and that there truly is an organization for everyone. I feel like I have chosen the women who make me good, who challenge me, who acknowledge my shortcomings and still love me, and who make me appreciate life for the blessing that it really is. Together our chapter has faced the happiest and most heartbreaking of times. I have laughed, cried, screamed, and been silent with these women. I have served the community, served Capital, and ultimately served myself through DPhiE. I am quite certain that those moments would have not been better spent with anybody else, and I’m even more certain that I could not be prouder of where we began and where we are now. I love you, DPhiE, and was destined for you.



To Be Rather than to Seem to Be

It’s Monday! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and stayed cool in the heat! Summer is halfway done, but soon enough all of our sisters will be back together again! Plus, with fall recruitment, we will have NEW sisters soon than usual! So excited!

Today’s testimony is from Megan Thomas, a rising junior at Capital.  Megan enjoys golfing, shopping, and anything purple. :)

At the beginning of the 2nd semester of my first year at Capital, I was not the woman I wanted to be. I was going through a bad break up with a very controlling and emotionally abusive boy. I didn’t know who I was or what had happened to the confident, outspoken, independent woman I had been just 2 years earlier. I was timid, easily influenced and shy for the first time in my life, and after having my every breath controlled for over a year and a half I had no idea how to go back to the woman I used to be and I didn’t know who to turn to for help.

I was lost!

Then I was asked if I wanted to sign up for Greek info night. I had never thought I would be in a sorority, but after Greek info night I knew I wanted to be a member of the founding class of Delta Phi Epsilon.

It seemed almost too good to be true. My favorite color has been purple since forever, their philanthropies interested me, I shared their values of justice, sisterhood and love and I was a fan of unicorns. The thing that really made me fall in love was their motto: “Esse Quam Videri” “To be Rather than to Seem to be.”

I was trying to find myself again, and here was an organization that wanted me to be me.

After Greek info night I went through recruitment. D Phi E’s recruitment was later, and even though I was pretty sure I wanted to be a Deepher, I decided to go through all of the sororities recruitments. It was clear after the second party the D Phi E was meant for me. I went through their recruitment and fell even more in love with the organization and the women that I hoped would be my future sisters.

After receiving a bid my life changed immediately. I suddenly had all of these other women saying hello to me and asking me to eat dinner with them and trying to get to know me. We were all beginning the process of starting something new on Capital’s campus.
The colonization process brought all of us so close and I can honestly say that the day we chartered was one of the best days of my life.

I had found my home at Capital and my family in Delta Phi Epsilon!

My sophomore year I grew even closer to my sisters. Between dinners, chapter meetings, study sessions in the library, hang out time in the org room and being a member of the recruitment team, there was no shortage on sister time. I also gained a total of 25 sisters last year, including my beautiful, perfect little.

Not only did I grow closer to my sisters, but I also made a ton of new friends at mixers, events we held on campus, and supporting events sponsored by other organizations.

I also started working in the admission office and I joined student government, all with the support of my sisters.

I know that each and every one of my sister will be there for me no matter what. We help and care about one another. We learn so much from each other, and we certainly have no problem teaching each other, especially when it comes to eating peanuts.

I have grown so much in the past year and a half, but most importantly, I am now the woman I want to be, all thanks to D Phi E.